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Micro Needling (Revita Pen) Treatment

Revita Pen Treatment
Take advantage of a treatment that utilizes the latest in proven beauty technology to reduce wrinkles, scars, blemishes, dark spots, and drastically improve your overall skin tone and appearance. This new anti-aging and anti-blemish treatment softens fine lines and wrinkles, enhances collagen production, and decreases pigmentation and scarring. It helps improve your skin health while increasing circulation for a firmer, more lifted appearance.

Signs of aging are minimized by the painless creation hundreds of thousands of microscopic permeates on the surface of your skin. Vitamin A and C serums are infused, and your skin will begin to look better.

We recommend a series of three to six treatments, once a month for maximum results and benefits.

Revita Pen Treatments
  • $149.00 Each
  • $507.00 for Three
  • $954.00 for Six
  • $1,428.00 for Twelve
Revita Pen Treatment Plus HydraFacial Infusion
  • $179.00 Each
  • $507.00 for Three
  • $954.00 for Six
  • $1,788.00 for Twelve


Microblading vs. Soft Tap
When it comes to permanent eyebrow makeup, some women are misinformed about the alternative options that are now available. Assuming that there is only one way to color their eyebrows, women automatically believe that the Microblade procedure is the sure way to permanently fix their eyebrows. Is there another way? Most estheticians believe so. Soft Tap, a more natural resolution, may be the future for permanent eyebrow makeup.

Microblading, as most women know, can be very painful. This procedure is basically creating simulated strokes of hair, while scratching the skin, causing slight irritation and discomfort. Immediately after the procedure, the eyebrows look natural and dark. However, after healing, the results may be scarred skin, faded coloring, or thin strokes of ink.

The Soft Tap procedure is a less invasive alternative, although not as widely known as Microblading, in the permanent makeup community. Most estheticians are saying that Soft Tap is a more natural approach on eyebrows, and significantly less painful. The Soft Tap procedure is manually done and looks soft and dark immediately upon completion. The full Soft Tap procedure is completed in two sessions. The healing process is quick, and the eyebrows look soft, natural, and multi-dimensional.

Considering these options, which procedure suits you the best? No matter which you choose, always know that Beaus Clinical Skin Care values your eyebrows, and will you give you the best output of both procedures.

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